Storytime – Halloween

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Yesterday we had a SPOOKTACULAR time with our Halloween themed Storytime. We listen to a couple of books being read to us, we watched an animated book being read, we sang some songs, had a candy scramble and colored our ghosts to bring home.  The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder so that means that winter must be on its way.  Be sure to join us Thursday for last Storytime of the fall!!  We will be drawing for our Tickle Monster and Boogie Monster give away during that Storytime.

Storytime – Bugs

Last week we had another successful story time with 30 attendees. This fall we are putting names in for a drawing that we will hold during the last Storytime in November. One lucky winner will go home with The Tickle Monster Kit!!! The kids loved the book so much last week they requested that I reread the book to start Storytime this week. Then we moved on to the weekly theme and explored bugs!!! The kids loved learning about all types of bugs. We also talked about the differences between the first week’s theme of dinosaurs and this week’s theme of bugs. We talked about how dinosaurs are big and bugs are small. We were very active with a book that had them acting out what the bug said. After the stories we got to color a bug key chain to talk home. Be sure to join us this week as our theme is “Under the Sea”!! Hope to see you there.

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Library Purchases New Rug For Storytime!

The Library has a new addition in the form a colorful rug for kids to use during Storytime.  The rug features different Dewey decimal numbers with the picture of what can be found at that number.  The Library would like to THANK the Lakota Foundation for the grant they awarded us for increased children programing that made purchasing the rug possible.  The rug will remain in place year around so be sure to stop by to see it!!


The Storytime Band

Today we had 19 kids at the Library to listen to stories that had a beat to them.  The kids learned how to keep a beat and then we handed out musical instruments and they performed as they marched around the Library to a fast beat, medium beat and slow beat.  After we were done with that they created their own musical instrument to bring home.

Storytime Band                                                                            Creating 2 Creating