School Aged Kids 5.30.19

We kicked off our School Aged Program this afternoon and was amazed with 33 participants!!!   Unbelievable!!!  Today we talked about our solar system and the planets that we share it with.  Did you know that it takes Neptune 164.8 years to circle the sun?  They also worked on a couple of projects making solar systems.

The End of Summer Final Party

On August 11th we had our End of the Summer Party and the kids had a ton of fun with the different actives. We ate pizza, had floats and cookies to eat and then it was time to draw for all the wonderful prizes that we had to give away. We also ended the summer giving away two backpacks (one Ninja Turtle and one Frozen) that were full of school supplies. A huge Thank You to Andrew at Cenex for suppling the pizza to us at half price!!!

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Shoo Fly

We had another fabulous Storytime when we started back up again on July 21st!!! We read a couple classic books including the Little Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly. Then we moved over to the Court House lawn and used our memory skills to find all 8 animals that she swallowed and velcro them in order on our paint stick. Then it was back to the Library to have them checked and receive a backpack and some healthy snacks. A SUPER HUGE shout out to Ann E. for volunteering weekly and spending months painting the sticks, adding velcro and cutting/laminating over 400 little animals, she was a trooper!!! Thank you Amie V. for coming over to take the photos and to Marian S., Audra Y, Ann E., Sydney N., Landon S. and Ozzie S. for helping during the activity!!!

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Summer Storytime – Wonder of Water

Today we explored the Wonder of Water! We had just about 45 people at the Library Thursday morning. We first heard a couple of stories, including the Pout Pout Fish. After the stories the younger kids had fun playing with a couple water tables and the older had a water relay race. After the relay race they an old fashioned water fight. A huge thank you to our volunteers, Marian, Pastor Barb, Ann, Sydney, Kylie, Amy, Viktorria & Isaak who helped out with this event. Be sure to stop by next Thursday at 10:30 am when our theme will be balloons. DISCLAIMER – THE KIDS MAY GET WET, AGAIN!!!!

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