Summer Storytime – Color Explosion!!

We had fabulous first day of our programs!!! We had almost 60 people attend. We even had a special guest “Remi” who helped us as we read Dog’s Colorful Day. The kids enjoyed adding spots to him. Them it was time to hand out the sunglasses and send the kids through our Color Obstacle Course. We ended the day with healthy snacks of apples, grapes, bananas and water.

r o n m l k j IMG_1599 IMG_1593 IMG_1579 IMG_1570 IMG_1559 IMG_1548 IMG_1542 IMG_1531 IMG_1526 IMG_1515 IMG_1496 IMG_1477 IMG_1443 IMG_1440 IMG_1409 IMG_1346 i h g ff f ee e dd d ccc cc c bbb bb b aaa a 4 3 2 1

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