Shoo Fly

We had another fabulous Storytime when we started back up again on July 21st!!! We read a couple classic books including the Little Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly. Then we moved over to the Court House lawn and used our memory skills to find all 8 animals that she swallowed and velcro them in order on our paint stick. Then it was back to the Library to have them checked and receive a backpack and some healthy snacks. A SUPER HUGE shout out to Ann E. for volunteering weekly and spending months painting the sticks, adding velcro and cutting/laminating over 400 little animals, she was a trooper!!! Thank you Amie V. for coming over to take the photos and to Marian S., Audra Y, Ann E., Sydney N., Landon S. and Ozzie S. for helping during the activity!!!

_DSC0206  _DSC0212 _DSC0217 _DSC0220 _DSC0226 _DSC0234 _DSC0237 _DSC0265 _DSC0276 _DSC0278 _DSC0292 _DSC0318 _DSC0344 _DSC0348 _DSC0351 _DSC0354 _DSC0361 _DSC0378 _DSC0386 _DSC0393 _DSC0394 _DSC0395 _DSC0407 _DSC0417 _DSC0420 _DSC0422 _DSC0438 _DSC0446 _DSC0451 _DSC0453 _DSC0462 _DSC0470 _DSC0478 _DSC0482 _DSC0496 _DSC0499 y y_DSC0215 y_DSC0250 y_DSC0260 y_DSC0301 y_DSC0309 y_DSC0336 y_DSC0367 y_DSC0374 y_DSC0391 y_DSC0398 y_DSC0401 y_DSC0427 y_DSC0429 y_DSC0435 y_DSC0436 y_DSC0447 y_DSC0459 y_DSC0465 y_DSC0467 y_DSC0493 z_DSC0214 z_DSC0225 z_DSC0268 z_DSC0295

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