B is for Bunny

In honor of Easter we had B is for Bunny! Too many great books to read but we pick three of the best. My favorite part was when we did the Bunny Pokey. Too Cute!!!__DSC0532__DSC0605_DSC0462_DSC0466_DSC0472_DSC0479_DSC0499_DSC0510_DSC0513_DSC0522_DSC0525_DSC0538_DSC0541_DSC0544_DSC0551_DSC0552_DSC0561_DSC0566_DSC0572_DSC0574_DSC0581_DSC0587_DSC0596_DSC0608_DSC0621_DSC0637_DSC0639_DSC0642_DSC0645_DSC0664_DSC0671_DSC0673_DSC0676_DSC0678_DSC0681_DSC0682_DSC0696_DSC0700_DSC0716_DSC0724_DSC0726_DSC0728

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