Flying 8.4.16

On August 4th we enjoyed the theme of Flying. The weather was pretty cool and damp so we held our activities inside. After a few stories the kids flew rockets threw some hoops to win sundaes and then it was time for the main event. The kids painted canvases with fly swatters!!! They had a ton of fun and didn’t make near the mess I thought they would.

_DSC0087 _DSC0091 _DSC0095 _DSC0132 _DSC0135 _DSC0144 _DSC0145 _DSC0150 _DSC0153 _DSC0157 _DSC0158 _DSC0160 _DSC0162 _DSC0167 _DSC0171 _DSC0178 _DSC0182 _DSC0186 _DSC0188 _DSC0212 _DSC0213 _DSC0216 _DSC0217 _DSC0219 _DSC0227 _DSC0237 _DSC0238 _DSC0243 1 (2) 1 2 (2) 2 3 4 5 11 12 13 14 15 16

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