The End of Summer Final Party

On August 11th we had our End of the Summer Party and the kids had a ton of fun with the different actives. We ate pizza, had floats and cookies to eat and then it was time to draw for all the wonderful prizes that we had to give away. We also ended the summer giving away two backpacks (one Ninja Turtle and one Frozen) that were full of school supplies. A huge Thank You to Andrew at Cenex for suppling the pizza to us at half price!!!

_DSC0426 _DSC0430 _DSC0432 _DSC0436 _DSC0441 _DSC0453 _DSC0463 _DSC0467 _DSC0469 _DSC0481 _DSC0483 _DSC0494 _DSC0497 _DSC0499 _DSC0504 _DSC0510 _DSC0512 _DSC0516 _DSC0539 _DSC0552 _DSC0554 _DSC0557 _DSC0590 _DSC0594 _DSC0596 _DSC0600 _DSC0608 _DSC0614 _DSC0627 _DSC0629 _DSC0631 y_DSC0420 y_DSC0427 y_DSC0429 y_DSC0523 y_DSC0537 y_DSC0559 y_DSC0580 y_DSC0635

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